Clay Pigeon Shooting

Have a go in a safe environment with experienced instructors
OGC Shooting School

The Oxford Gun Company is located near Oakley and will give our private group an opportunity to try Clay Pigeon Shooting. They have experienced instructors and all the equipment we need, in a safe environment. This is a sport that many people never get to try, so our taster session is ideal to find out if you have the ability and eye. There are All Weather stands so we can go ahead whatever the weather on the day.

This is an hour long group taster session, with the session itself starting at 11.00am. There is a cafe on site so we can meet beforehand for refreshments, at your own expense, and again afterwards to share our thoughts. The cost per person is higher than our usual events to cover the extra expense involved, but well worth it for an experience most of us don’t get a chance to try.



We were split into two teams enabling bespoke individual tuition. It was so helpful to be told how to stand, which eye to shut and where the clay should be when you pull the trigger. It was impossible not to be competitive and trophies were duly awarded afterwards. That said our teacher had a great sense of humour (he needed it) and we laughed a lot. The feeling of hitting a clay and seeing it shatter is like making a good golf shot. Perhaps we should do that next.


OGC, Jericho Farm, Oakley

Directions to The Oxford Gun Company:
Jericho Farm, Oxford Road, Oakley, Bucks HP18 9RG
Tel: 01844 238308

See map and directions here