Cupping Night

Exploring coffee through beans, processing and provenance
Missing Bean

Come and enjoy a ‘Cupping Night’ at local Roastery Missing Bean. This will include talks on the sourcing of coffee, in particular direct-trade relationships, along with processing, roasting and brewing methods. It’s a perfect opportunity to taste and smell their range of coffees and see the inside track on the coffee industry. You can also try some local roasted coffee!

The Roastery is at 66-72 Magdalen Road (not the cafe in Turl Street). The area is mostly permit parking, so you should allow extra time to find non-permit parking space or, if possible, use public transport. Please note that spaces for this event are limited and strictly on a first come first served basis.



Roast, flavour and tasting

Exactly what OWF does really well: opening a window onto something interesting and giving us the chance to meet others in a relaxed setting. This was one of those ‘Well, I never knew that’ evenings, looking at something most of us take completely for granted. The Missing Bean’s East Oxford roasters offered us the coffee equivalent of a wine tasting, It was an opportunity to enjoy some great coffee, and to learn from an expert roaster about the complexities of flavour and production that go into making our daily cup. A chance, too, to hear about just how much of the so-called ‘fair-trade’ coffee we see in supermarkets isn’t fair at all, in a world where most coffee production still relies heavily on poor working conditions and exploitation. A great advert for the energy and passion that goes into sourcing really good coffee, the evening left me feeling that I knew more about the coffee I like and why I like it. It also made me realise that I need to think much more about how to keep my caffeine fix ethical and sustainable.


Missing Bean Roastery

1 Newtec Place

66-72 Magdalen Road

Oxford OX4 1RE