Cyber Security and Scams: protecting ourselves

Awareness and prevention are the best forms of defence
Thames Valley Police

We are all very aware of cyber, telephone and other forms of scams which attack individuals and businesses, targeting our personal assets and the intellectual property and systems which underpin businesses and organisations, damaging reputation, confidence, personal wellbeing and business success. However, we often cling to the belief that such scams only happen to others and that the security measures we have in place will see us through. But we know cyber security is a growing problem which can quickly destroy businesses and individuals if the criminals are able to find cracks through which to target assets or destroy competitors.

The Unipart Cyber Security Centre helps raise business and personal awareness of various scams and attacks which can happen to any of us, and how we can best defend ourselves against such attacks, or recover should we fall victim to the criminal mind. Technicians and a consultant will guide us through the kinds of attacks which occur, using anecdotes and examples, and provide information, knowledge and expertise on the options which can form a line of defence.