Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

Tips and strategies to increase your confidence in difficult circumstances at work or home
Nicola Tinsley, TRH Assurance Ltd

Nic Tinsley is an HR Consultant with TRH Assurance Ltd, providing advice and practical help to start-ups and small businesses, enabling them to focus on building their business and realise their vision.

She is also a career coach, working with individuals through key points to achieve their career goals. Coaching includes providing CV advice, review and feedback, enabling clients to practice interview skills, and coaching them through business change or redundancy, into their next career move.

At some point, every one of us will have to deal with either a difficult customer or supplier, or have to arrange a difficult conversation with a boss or a member of our team or even someone in our personal life. This can be extremely intimidating. Nic and her colleague Zahida will guide us through some valuable tips and strategies to increase confidence and resilience, to manage each situation to a successful conclusion.

£10 per person


5000 Oxford Business Park South
Oxford OX4 2BH
Tel: 01865 781000

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