Votes for Women in Oxfordshire

In this year of notable centenaries, the suffragette movement is one of the key historical events leading to women’s suffrage and our position in the world today
Dr Katherine Bradley

Leading local academic and historian, Dr Katherine Bradley, will tell us about some of the history of the movement.The activity of the suffragettes in Oxford was preceded with the movement from its early days, the 1850s until 1918. The suffragette organisation, the Women's Social and Political Union led by the Pankhursts began in 1903, with Oxford engaging in 1910, acknowledging all the achievements by the many women and men who contributed to the women's suffrage campaign.

The presentation is based on Dr Bradley’s latest book, ‘Women on the March’. Dr Bradley’s earlier work includes ‘Faith, perseverance and patience: the history of the Oxford suffrage and anti-suffrage movements, 1870-1930’. She is an active supporter of women’s rights and equality, and key participant in International Women’s Day activities.